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Science World BC recently launched Tech-Up, a project designed to promote computational thinking and coding among learners and educators across the province.  Science World’s professional development workshops embrace an approach to teaching and learning that reflects the curriculum’s focus on place-based, inquiry learning. For the 2018/2019 school year, Science World is offering new coding and computational thinking workshops which can be held at your school or district facilities.
Thanks to a contribution from the Government of Canada through the CanCode program, these workshops are free of charge(minimum attendance may be required):
The Science of Computational Thinking
How can we make the process of designing investigations and representing data more relevant to students? Join us as we explore how to incorporate computational thinking, a problem-solving strategy, to the sciences. We’ll share effective practices and discover how computational thinking might enhance students’ progression through the curricular competencies.
Computational Thinking Across the Curriculum
Explore ways of integrating computational thinking across several content areas. In this workshop, you will engage in hands-on activities that use technology to demonstrate how this problem-solving strategy can be applied in subjects such as language arts, physical education, science, and math. 
Coding without Computers
If you’re struggling with equipment and technology, this workshop will give you several ideas of how you can integrate coding into your classroom. In this workshop, we will explore a variety of off-screen activities that apply coding strategies, which will provide a foundational understanding for both you and your students. 
Professional development workshops are typically designed for groups of 8 to 32 educators. To learn more or to book a workshop,click here.  


  • Use your PD Funds to purchase academic journals and books. This is a great way to engage in PD, especially for those who have family commitments and find it difficult to leave home to attend conferences. Read more with this PD article

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