Frequently Asked Questions

Leaves of absence:

Can I take paid leave to attend my convocation?

No, but you can use a discretionary day.

How do I choose between discretionary days which are unpaid and the cost of TTOC?

Each teacher gets 3 unpaid discretionary days per-year. You are also entitled to 3 discretionary days at the average cost of a TTOC. You can take unpaid days must be approved by your administrator. Unreasonable requests will not be denied. Discretionary days at the cost of a TTOC do not require approval. Unreasonable requests will not be denied. 

Special note: The cost of a TTOC may or may not be more than your daily rate. Please take this into consideration when choosing which code to use.

What code of absence should I use?

  • If you are attending to work for the STA, it is most likely that you should use the absence code “STA to Pay” and then email the STA office admin staff ( to let them know what work you are completing so they can charge your absence to the correct budget line.
  • If you are attending a meeting or workshop through the school district, you most often will use the code “TTOC Recovery”. Best to double check with the organizer of your event.
  • If you are sick and are taking a paid sick day, use the code “sick day with pay”.
  • If you have an appointment and are using one of the days from your sick bank to attend that appointment, choose “medical appointment”.
  • If you’re ever unsure, feel free to ask!