Mentorship Program Committee

Mentorship Program Committee Chair: Heather Simpson


Committee Members: Kristen Sinats, Kirsten Dibblee, Don Peterson

The objective of the Saanich Teachers’ Association Mentorship Program is to provide new and “new to position” teachers with support in developing their professional practice and capacity through non-evaluative, collaborative, and reflective practice.

Amongst new or ‘new to position’ teachers, there can often be a ‘sink or swim’ mentality and a need to prove oneself in the first years on the job. New teachers can often isolate themselves when struggling and can be reluctant to ask for help or seek support when necessary. This, unfortunately, can often lead to members becoming overworked, stressed, and burnt out. 

“This profession is hard; we are charged with the intellectual and emotional well-being of our students while also balancing parent involvement, administrator’s expectations, professional relationships, and district initiatives. We do most of our learning on the job, but it can be a lot less overwhelming with someone by your side. It takes a community to support and encourage new colleagues.” – Barb Wilson, Jennifer MacDonald, and Tamara Sengotta, co-chairs of Teacher Mentors of BC

When we reach out and seek support from a friend, colleague, or mentor, we can access a wealth of knowledge, guidance and encouragement. We open a door to building a new relationship that fosters authentic connection, collaboration, reflection, and growth. 

The STA Mentorship Program offers new and ‘new to position’ teachers the opportunity to make meaningful connections with experienced teachers and receive invaluable coaching and mentorship through some of the toughest years in their teaching careers. 

Mentees and mentors involved in the program will attend mini workshops on a variety of topics including mental health and wellbeing, unit/lesson planning, student engagement, indigenous education, and classroom management. There will be opportunities for resource sharing and book clubs. Additionally, mentees and mentors will have access to release time to observe one another on the job. 

If you are interested in this opportunity, please consider contacting the Mentorship Program through the MPC Chair