Staff Committee

Contact: Local president, Don Peterson

The primary function of the teachers’ Staff Committee is to provide advice to the Principal/Vice-Principal in relation to the operation of the school. It is the school’s only democratic body authorized by the Collective Agreement to provide advice on behalf of the staff. Specific details regarding the committee’s composition and function are found in the Collective Agreement, Arcle A.24.

Staff committee can impact all decisions made in a school. It is a wonderful vehicle for teachers to have real input into how their school is run. For example, the Teachers’ Staff Committee may study and make recommendations on:

School regulations, policies, and routines

  • Discipline plans and procedures
  • Assemblies
  • Aendance
  • Parent / teacher days
  • Field Trips
  • Supervision
  • Day-in-lieu for August Professional Development

Non-instructional days

  • Working with Pro-D committees to suggest and plan content
  • Making summer Pro-D suggestions or limits
  • Allocation of school based NIDs (Reporng days Vs. Professional Development Days)

School Curriculum planning and evaluation

  • Course offerings
  • Events involving the community
  • Evaluation/reporting formats and schedule
  • School calendar, etc.

School timetable and organization

  • Class sizes and fairness across the school
  • Gym or other shared space schedules, limitations

School staffing

  • Teaching assignments
  • Utilization of EAs
  • Consideration of upcoming postings for positions within the school
  • Organization of multi-age classes or new courses, etc.

Any issue affecting the teaching or learning conditions within the school

  • Internal transfer of students
  • Initial placement of students
  • Staff – administration communication and relationship
  • School climate
  • Wider community or neighborhood issues – to bring to the attention of staff and administration

For more information about Staff Committees and to find some helpful resources, including templates for taking meeting meetings, abbreviating Robert’s Rules and how to chair meetings guides, and contract language around Staff Committees, please click the link below to view the STA Staff Committee Handbook.

2023-2024 Teachers’ Staff Committee Handbook.pdf