Pro-D Reps and Policies 2020-2021

School Professional Development Representatives and Policies

Pro-D Co-Chairs:  Maren Chapman & Ruth Wadsworth

TTOC Pro-D:  Matt Coulson

All PD policies are subject to the rules outlined for all members of the local in the Pro-D Handbook 2020-2021

Bayside – PD Policy 2016-17 :  Ed Timmerman / Sarah Alford

Brentwood – PD Policy 2017-18:  Jeni-Lynn Blackie

CDC – PD Policy 2017-18:  Shawna York / Adrian White

Claremont – PD Policy 2019-20:  Maren Chapman

Cordova Bay – PD Policy 2017-2018:  Leslie Mill / Susan Holmes

Deep Cove – PD Policy 2019-20:  Matthew Makuch

ILC – PD Policy 2018-19:  Judi Carroll

Itinerant Teaching Staff/Learning Services PD Policy 2019-20:  Annette Lyon

School Board Office: PD Policy 2018-19: Darcy McNee

Keating – PD Policy 2018-2019: Helena Vanderdonck

KELSET – PD Policy 2018-19: Krista Hale

Lochside – PD Policy 2019-20: Sandy Bell

North Saanich – PD Policy 2019-20: Karen Coppen

Parkland – PD Policy 2017-2018: Aaron Mueller/ Andrew Roome

Prospect – PD Policy 2016-17: Alisa Russell

Royal Oak – PD Policy 2018-2019:  Jodi Labelle

SIDES – PD Policy 2019-20: Holly Mair / Audrey Hayes

Sidney – PD Policy 2018-19: Lara Collins

Stelly’s –  PD Policy 2017-2018Tasha Liberatore


Joint Pro D Committee 2020-2021:

Chairperson: Ruth Wadsworth

Elementary School Rep: Alisa Russell

Middle School Rep: vacant

Secondary School Rep:  Holly Mair

Instructional Support Rep:  vacant

TTOC Rep: Matt Coulson

SBO Admin Rep: Carly Hunter