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Teachers-Teaching-on-Call Professional Development Policy 2022-2023

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PD Claim Form TTOC (2022-23)

School District #63 supports the professional development for TTOCs as per our Collective Agreement.  The board provides $7500.00 per year to be used for professional development workshops and resources for TTOC’s.  The Joint Professional Development Committee oversees, administers and reviews the use of funds.

Details of accessing personal professional development money is as follows:

  1. Amount not to exceed $500.00 in one school year.  TTOCs who are attending conferences located North of Nanaimo OR on the mainland can apply for up to $600.
  2. 8 call-outs are needed in the current school year prior to applying. (Not 8 full days, just 8 separate ESS call outs)
  3. Original receipts to be provided with TTOC Pro-D & Travel Expense Claim form (see PD link on STA website)
  4. All Pro-D claims should be submitted prior to June 15th of that school year to the STA office, Attn: Pro-D Chairperson.  Members who miss the deadline may apply for special consideration to the Joint Professional Development Committee who will review the circumstances surrounding the late application.  This process will occur in September of the following school year and will also be dependent on the amount of money left in the TTOC Pro-D account.
  5. TTOC’s who also hold a temporary contract may access the TTOC Pro-D account OR their school account but not both.
  6. TTOC’s who wish to appeal a decision can do so in writing.  Correspondence should be sent to the STA office, ATTN:  Pro-D Chairperson.

Once the fund is depleted, the Joint Professional Development Committee will revise the policy on the use of these funds.

Uses of TTOC Pro-D Funds:

Money from the TTOC Pro-D Fund may be used for:

  1. professional conference registration and related expenses
  2. professional workshops in and out of the district
  3. school visits
  4. academic non-credit courses that cannot be claimed for income tax purposes
  5. professional association membership dues
  6. expenses and honoraria for presenters
  7. individual research expenses excluding personal payment
  8. professional journals
  9. staff retreats/staff development activities
  10. release time for staff-initiated meetings and work sessions

NOTE: Professional Development funds may not be used to purchase equipment of any kind.

Still not sure what qualifies as Professional Development?  Check out Guidelines for Uses of Pro-D Funds – click HERE