What are PSAs?

The BCTF includes 32 provincial specialist associations (PSAs) PDF file; Acrobat Reader required.. PSAs are channels for members to exchange ideas on research, teaching strategies, curriculum development, and other shared interests.

Contact PSA Council members by e-mail to ask about their PSA.

What do PSAs do?

  • PSA conferences
    Each year, scores of volunteers organize provincial and regional conferences for colleagues. The PSA conferences are highlighted on the BCTF’s PD Calendar as well as in the PSA conference brochure.
  • PSA workshops
    Many PSAs offer workshops for schools or districts, often at cost.PDF file; Acrobat Reader required.
  • PSA publications
    Volunteers, who are teachers themselves, produce newsletters and/or journals. BCTF members may join any of the Federation’s PSAs. Subscriptions to PSA publications are available to non-BCTF members or institutions.
  • E-mail lists
    Subscribe to any of the PSA e-mail lists. Some lists are open to all members.

How does one join a PSA?

Join a PSA to share your expertise and obtain information.

Online membership registration is now available. Click here to join or renew PSA memberships now.

Alternately, download and print the PSA application form PDF file; Acrobat Reader required., and mail it to the BCTF with the appropriate fees.

For information concerning PSA applications, contact Michele Steele, 604-871-1802 or 1-800-663-9163 local 1802.

What are LSAs?

Well it stands for Local Specialist Association (LSA) which falls under the BCTF’s Provincial Specialist Association (PSA). These organized groups meet and are funded through special local grants from the Saanich Teachers’ Association.   A LSA affords opportunity for teachers to discuss specific professional development needs of the group, brainstorm solutions to local problems and to exchange ideas.

How can I form an LSA group in Saanich?

Call a meeting of teachers across the district from your specialty area.  For example, the Saanich Teacher Librarians’ is an active LSA that meets regularly after school.  Once you have a group of interested people you must submit a:

  •         List of Executive Members
  •         Constitution
  •         Proposed plans/expenses for the year

If you are starting from scratch, here are two good ideas that will help you get started. First, contact your PSA for a copy of its constitution. You may be able to use the PSA constitution as a basis for your LSA constitution. If you are lucky, very little may need to be changed.

If you cannot get a copy of your PSA’s constitution, click on the following website (follow the link to LSA Constitution Template).   This website is maintained by the British Columbia School Counsellors. The link will take you to a template of a constitution.  You can fill in the blanks and change the name of the association to match yours.  While some edits will be necessary, many of the headings will be the same and in some cases (i.e. Roles of the Executive) no edits will be necessary.

Once your constitution is in place, have it ratified by your members, elect your executive, make plans for the year, and submit everything to the STA Office.  Attn: Pro D Chair by September 29, 2023.  Electronic copies can be sent to:

The Saanich Teachers’ Association has budgeted for 4 LSA grants this year for a maximum amount of $500 each.

Further information on Priority Fund Grants and LSAs and how they are administered by the Pro-D Committee can be found in the Pro-D Handbook.

LSAs Operating in Saanich

Saanich Teacher-Librarians Association (Oct, 2020) – President, Sarah Isbister