TTOC Events/Pro-D

TTOC ProD Observation Program Instructions

September 2021

Goal: To facilitate the connection and introduction between TTOC’s and classroom teachers. Provide an authentic learning opportunity for TTOC’s by allowing them to observe continuing teachers while they are working with their children in their classroom. To gain an understanding of what a career of a teacher entails and the professional journey they are taking.

Financial support will be available to a TTOC for observing a classroom setting and will operate under the following guidelines:

  • Available to full-time TTOC’s and part-time TTOC who also hold an SD63 Contract – provided they have not accessed their school ProD fund in the current year
  • Up to 1.0 day per year
  • 20 days available each year, provided there are TTOC ProD funds available
  • Must have 8 callouts (not 8 full days, just 8 separate ESS call outs)
  • In addition to the current TTOC policy
  • Payment from STA TTOC ProD fund

How to claim:

  • Before Event
    • Contact classroom teacher and arrange a date and time
    • Classroom teacher will book TTOC in ESS system using code: ProD-Teachers

●  After Event –

  • The TTOC completes a STA TTOC ProD Reimbursement form with event listed as:
    Observation <name of the mentor teacher>
  • The TTOC submits the STA TTOC ProD reimbursement form online or sends to the STA office Attn: TTOC ProD
  • The TTOC completes Observation Reflection google form: reflection form

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Alisa Russell, Joint ProD Committee                 Maren Chapman, STA ProD Co-Chair