Health & Safety

Health and Safety Chair:  Les Lowe & Joel Danyluk

llowe at sd63 dot bc dot ca

jdanyluk at sd63 dot bc dot ca

The Saanich Teacher’s Association is committed to promoting and supporting safe schools.

The BC Teachers’ Federation facilitates teacher health and safety with a superb variety of resources and programs ranging from prevention to claim advocacy.

If you are injured or suffer from an occupational disease or are threatened in a violent incident, you need to:

  • Report to the First Aid Attendant
  • Report to the administrator and complete the WorksafeBC 6A form
  • Go to your doctor
  • Contact your staff and/or health and safety rep
  • Report to Worksafe BC via teleclaim at 1 888-WORKERS (1 888 967-5377)
  • When you get a letter back from WorksafeBC, send a copy to the BCTF WCB advocate who will help you through the process.

Health and Safety Resources Page

2017-2018 School Health and Safety Representatives.

Bayside:             Rod MacDonald

Brentwood:        vacant

CDC:                   Rae Dennett

Claremont:          Les Lowe & Joel Danyluk

Cordova Bay:      Susan Holmes

Deep Cove:         vacant

ILC:                     Leo Holdstock

Keating:              Cindy Lister & Rose Addison

Kelset:                 vacant

Lochside:            vacant

North Saanich:    vacant

Parkland:            vacant

Prospect Lake:    Lisa Harward

Royal Oak:          Taryn Mah, Sean Kenny, & Emma Cottier

SBO:                    vacant

SIDES:                 vacant

Sidney:                vacant

Stelly’s:               vacant